Death of  the High Street!

Is Internet shopping killing the traditional shopping experience?

Wesley Sims



A recent survey by the British Retail Consortium predicted that by 2025 up to 74,000 shops of the 270,000 trading in the UK today will close.

There has been much made of the decline of the high street retail sector in recent weeks, fuelled by the collapse of retail giants British Home Stores, Toys-R-Us and Maplin. The argument rumbles on with analysists offering up several different explanations: from rising business rates, Brexit and more importantly the rise of internet shopping and online consumer trust.

Consumers are hungry for new and innovative shopping experiences and retail giants invest millions in a bid to discover new methods of tempting us into bricks-and-mortar shops. But, for the modern shopper, cost and convenience are key factors in the shopping experience. If a product can be purchased for 10-25% cheaper online, delivered to the door, it’s hard to make a reasonable argument against the online shopping experience.

Below is a compilation of the most common arguments for and against online shopping.



·         Online stores are never closed

·         No parking hassle, annoying crowds or checkout queues

·         No dealing with aggressive salespeople

·         Easy access to customer reviews


·         Shopping online does not offer a direct personal experience

·         Can sometimes be difficult to get money refunded

·         You cannot physically inspect a product

·         Delivery delays

What factors influence your shopping choices and where do you site on the Online vs High Street debate?

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