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A good butcher is an ethical professional who knows the provenance of his or her meats. Our mission is to continue the education of  culinary butchery - a craft we must never lose.


True butchery has become a lost art. Many people have no idea how an animal gets from the pasture to their plate. Meatline aim to revive this traditional culinary art that is an often overlooked, but vitally important, aspect of the farm-to-table movement. 

We want to give everyone an understanding and appreciation of the craft and its culinary artists. We want to celebrate and support our struggling small farmers and quality-meat producers. 

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What a great gift this would make to a budding Gordon Ramsay.


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£70 - pork masterclass

Learn the butchery skills to confidently process pork meat. From creating the ultimate pork rib streaks to preparing the belly and creating your own cured bacon, our pork masterclass is the perfect introduction to nose to tail butchery.

French trim your own baby-back ribs, learn how to prepare a pork cheek and much more with this masterclass.

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£75   - lamb masterclass  

Our lamb masterclass is for the purist. Discover how to identify the best quality lamb by look and touch. Prepare your own joints from a hind-quarter and discover how to  prepare the perfect streaks and roasting joints..

Learn how to tunnel-bone like a master butcher with this masterclass.

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£65 - poultry masterclass

Chicken is probably the most underrated meat product in the UK. Our poultry masterclass will teach you how to confidently bone out a whole chicken and reinvigorate the waste-free beak to tail eating philosophy our ancestors.

and free gifts!


Keep the meat you prepare

Take home the meat you prepare in one of our


Your own butchers knife

You will be presented with a YOUR OWN BUTCHERY 

KNIFE upon completion of the course.

Free butchery gift bag

Your gift bag includes a PERSONALISED BUTCHERY MASTERCLASS CERTIFICATE and other butchery goodies.

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What a great gift this would make to a budding Gordon Ramsay.