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Chefs are masters of making do: working around equipment issues to get the job done.  Imagine a simple way to get the new equipment you need into your kitchen. Our partnership with Parry and Tower leasing can do just that for you.


Educational Sector Pre-Approved Finance explained

Pre-authorised and LEA approved! With over over 15 years reassurance as a market leader within the 

Educational sector, our partnership with Tower Leasing offers you greater flexibility in equipment financing.



Why Consider An Operating Lease?

An Operating Lease allows you to obtain vital day-to-day operational equipment for your school; the ability to

obtain equipment when you need it, with a rental agreement that suited to your finances. Protect your annual 

budgets and invest in other critical areas of the school. Get what you want, when required, with utmost flexibility.

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Why Do We Have To Use An Operating Lease?

There are rules in place for the Education Sector when investing in equipment through finance agreements.

An Operating Lease meets these rules and ensures you are getting the best possible deal, approved by most

Local Educational Authorities as a preferred route of financing. Rules include that products are not financed for their full lifespan, you cannot own the equipment at the end of the agreement and you receive a discount on the order value, which is explained in the following diagram.

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