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1. Meatline: s upporting our Emergency S ervices and Armed Fo r ces If you , or any of your family, are active , or retired, emergency serv ice or armed forces member s simply show your ID card in any of our stores to receive a 5% discount on all your shopping. M ore and more you will have seen s c hemes and incentives offering Bri tish armed forces discounts and at Meatline we fully support this . Alongs id e our regular support for local charit able organisations we are now officially entering ourselves as a British Armed Forces and emergency services support er – offering a 5% discount . ( N ot includ ing special offers!) We also extend th is to the police, fire, ambulance , NHS and coastguard services as a token of appreciation for all the amazing work the forces conduct throughout our region on a day to day basis. Essex and Suffolk ha ve always been a vital hub for military forces . And with regards to the Air Force , w ith bases currently in Lakenheath, Mildenhall and Honington , Suffolk also houses a large population of air force person n el . The Br i tish armed forces currently comprise almost 200,000 active person n e l , many of those living in our region. Adding in family member s and ret ired personnel , that figure could easily exceed a million people . Here at Meatline we love a hero! L et us thank you with some of our amazing locally s ourced , ethically produced delights . Please SHARE this around friends and family so nobody misses out.


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